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In a world where there are so many challenges and hurdles to jump through on the way to success it is easy to give up and say “Its impossible to do it..”.


Visit my galleries to view some of my previous work. Photos are available for purchase as prints and for editorial use


With over 20 year of teaching freediving, I offer courses, online and personal coaching and strategies to overcome obstacles

“Explore the space between two breaths”

Erez is an outstanding performer, both in freediving as well as in his lectures. I had the pleasure to work with him as a speaker to one of our online events where he captured the audience with an amazingly well-crafted and presented topic. His photography skills are also remarkable.  His knowledge, experience, professionalism and performance are totally inspirational and I cannot recommend enough Erez as a person, as well as his first-class lectures.  Last but not least, he is an extremely nice person to talk and work with.
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